Franz Schubert – The Path of Life CD


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“The Path of Life” is an inspiring “mélange” of emotions, cultures and eras. A selection of songs by Franz Schubert, arranged in an imaginary cycle, which in his message and emotional content measures out the entire span of human life. A lucky coincidence brought the tenor Ilker Arcayürek to the Moroccan photo artist Achraf Baznani. The picture called “The Inevitable” (it adorns the album cover) inspired the singer and ultimately brought the recital’s program to life. “I don’t take pictures – I tell stories,” says Baznani, which by analogy applies exactly to the way Ilker Arcayürek and his accompanist Simon Lepper make music together. When they conceived the album, it was important to them that it should not be a portrait of a singer and thus another “Best of Schubert” selection, but that a story should be told. The “program” consists of five chapters, which are seen as stages of life: love, longing, search for inner peace, resignation, redemption.

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