Michael Dücker – Tombeaux: Mourning Music for Lute CD

A Tombeau in the French Baroque period refers to a piece of music in memory of a more or less beloved person, but sometimes also of a parrot or canary. This does not mean, however, that the pieces must necessarily be sad, somber music. The genre is also varied by the fact that a Tombeau can actually take on any type of movement – mourning takes place in major and minor, fast or slow. Michael Dücker, lutenist, music researcher, editor and spiritus rector of the ensemble nuovo aspetto, reveals to us here in exemplary fashion the sheer inexhaustible inventiveness and originality with which composers in the Baroque period processed their grief musically.


Title: (2021) Michael Dücker: Tombeaux
Künstler: Johanna Seitz, Michael Dücker
Label: Prospero
Main Composer: Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann; Weichenberger, Johann Georg; Weiss, Silvius Leopold; Gaultier, Denis
CD Set: 1 CD
Configuration: Digipack, 24 pages booklet in full color.
EAN/UPC: 0630835523858
Product Number: PROSP0019
Release Date: 2021-09-03
Instruments: Lute, Harp
Genres, styles, epochs: 3D Packshot, Baroque, Chamber, lute


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