Rui Lopes/Gringolts Quartet/Ruslan Lutsyk – Close Encouter – Pieces for Bassoon and String Quartet CD


EDOUARD DU PUY 1770–1822
Quintet in A minor for Bassoon, Two Violins, Viola and Cello
Quintett a-Moll für Fagott, zwei Violinen, Viola und Violoncello
1 I. Allegro moderato 7.35
2 II. Andante sostenuto 5.15
3 III. Rondo – Allegro 7.11

Meeelaan for Bassoon and String Quartet
für Fagott und Streichquartett
4 Blues 4.29
5 Tango 4.01
6 Bebop 3.44

Gott-Fa, Two scenes for Bassoon and String Quartet
Zwei Szenen für Fagott und Streichquartett
7 GOTT – In nomine 12.12
8 Fa – Respect the machine 5.53

Rui’s Tango for Bassoon and String Quintet
Ruis Tango für Fagott und Streichquintett
9 Allegro 2.11
10 Andante, Vielas de Alfama 2.36
11 Allegro 4.46

Sonata for Bassoon and Piano, Op. 168
Sonate für Fagott und Klavier / arr. for Bassoon and String Quartet
by Wolfgang Renz at Rui Lopes’ request
12 Allegretto moderato 2.55
13 Allegro scherzando 3.33
14 Adagio – Allegro moderato 6.15

Tango étude no 3 3.41
Arrangement for Bassoon and String Quintet
by Roger Helou at Rui Lopes’ request
15 Molto marcato e energico – Meno mosso e più cantabile –
Tempo 1°


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The repertoire for bassoon is not exactly overflowing. There are even fewer pieces written specifically for bassoon and string quartet. Since it is a very appealing instrumentation that also favours numerous performance possibilities for concerts (a quartet is easier to book than a symphony orchestra), Rui Lopes has asked composer friends to write pieces for him. Numerous musicians have responded to this request and two works have found their way onto the album “Close Encounters”: the whimsical “Gott-Fa, Two scenes for Bassoon and String Quartet” by Helena Winkelman and the jazzy “Rui’s Tango for Bassoon and String Quintet” by bandoneonist Marcelo Nisinman. In addition, there are pieces that were specially arranged for this unusual instrumentation at Rui’s request and the original Quintet for Bassoon and String Quartet in A minor by Edouard du Puy.

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